First Buy from Shisedo

Kinda obviously explained from the title guys in that I’m going to be reviewing my very first ever purchase from the makeup brand Shiseido. I’ve always ad an interest in this makeup brand but have never been willing to spend the money on it. It’s not that I don’t spend that much money on makeup…I do it’s just I could never figure out what I wanted from the range because they have so many hero products (their eyelash curlers being one of them). This purchase finally came about because of a pharmacy wanting to get rid of 70% of their Shiseido stock in order to bring in new stock.


Nothing really caught my eye while I was browsing except for this one tiny box. I managed to pick up the Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in the shade H9 Glistening Sands. According to information that I received from the store assistant this is a cream to powder formulation.


“Moisturising creamy shadow transforms into a long wearing lustrous powder. Crease-Resistant”

The shade that I chose can only be described as a soft shimmer gold. Pigmentation is very soft on the lids and the formulation is absolutely buttery and creamy. Once this product is applied it really does not budge which is exactly what your looking for when you read the words “long wearing”.


I like using this really for just when I want a wash of colour across the eyelids. Packaging is very basic though I will say the lid looks fancy enough to justify the price. The product does come with a pathetic sponge applicator that the company has hilarious put into a pouch to protect it I guess. For me it will just be going into the bin.


You get 6 grams of product in the pot and this retails for 22 euros a pot but I managed to pick it for 6.50 euros because of the discounted price.

-Talk soon xx

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