Clarins Mineral Palette

Clarins is one of those brands that I tend to gravitate towards whenever I’m looking for a new skincare product be it a cleanser, moisturiser or even just a lip balm (love their Intensive Hydration lip balm) but it’s not a brand that I tend to go to for makeup. Recently I did a review on the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils for my Project Lip OilsΒ and so when I went to the clearance event at my local pharmacy, I ended up going to the Clarins counter to see what was available makeup wise.


I ended up with a quad eyeshadow palette called the Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette and this palette is called 10 Iris Blossom. According to the palette instructions these eyeshadows can be used both wet & dry and are meant to be long lasting. I personally haven’t used them wet as I only like using pigments wet but I will say pigmentation is good as is longevity.


The palette does come with a lovely red velvet pouch so you can store it in and I love these little touches that high end makeup brands do with their products. The palette does have a mirror and unfortunately those stupid sponge applicators. Colour wise the selection is very neutral except for the pop of colour with the slight purple shade. The shadows are also embossed with an iris flower image and the Clarins lettering of course.


The first shade in the palette is a nice everyday soft shimmer brown. The formulation of these shadows is very good, buttery and soft and they blend perfectly. All of them bar shade three have a satin-shimmer finish to them.


The second shade is the perfect one to use when looking to brighten up an eye makeup look. I personally used this in the corner of the eye. I found layering this over a cream base really intensifies the reflective shimmer running through the actual shadow.


As mentioned above, shade three has a different finish from the other three. It’s matte and I like that, it’s not everyday you get a quad with a good intense black eyeshadow. Pigmentation on this eyeshadow allows it to be a true black, no grey tones or ashiness whatsoever. Any shimmer you see in the image above is from previous shadows because I just wipe the previous shade with a wipe before reswatching.


Last shade is the only really out there colour in the palette. It’s a deep purple with purple shimmer running through it. I will admit that in the palette it does look like plain old purple but when I swatched it, it does has an iridescence to it that gives it a reflection blue tone.

I really do recommend Clarins eyeshadows. They are excellent quality in my opinion and are of a decent price tag. If you guys are interested in seeing what else I got with this palette then check out my Beauty Haul

-Talk Soon xx

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