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Whenever I think of really good makeup brushes to recommend to people I always say MAC or Real Techniques. And honestly it’s very rare that I find brushes from other brands that do better than those two. I will say in all honesty that MAC brushes are over priced, even I can’t justify some of them. Real Techniques is nice and affordable but they’ve recently released their bold metals range and one brush is 30 euros…I mean why..? I mean I know some brush brands use real hair instead of synthetic or use fancier brush wands (Bold Metals have a weighted handed which is why its 30 euros) but do we really need those elements in our everyday brush requirements. I don’t know but for me it kinda made me want to see if I can find and inexpensive GOOD brush brand and so my google search was born.


I managed to find this brand of brushes that goes by the name ICING. I have to say I love the quality of these brushes. They use synthetic bristles so you don’t have to worry about using them with cream products and they are affordable as well. You can order these from their website which I’ll link below but I managed to find mine in a local shop called Claire’s Accessories. They had the entire range but seeing as I already own a lot of brushes I looked for ones that I would get the most use out of.


Brush number 1 is actually 2 brushes seeing as it’s dual ended, and I must mention that they have a lot of brushes in their range that are dual ended and less than 10 euros. This is ICING’s Contour brush. The large side is meant for contouring and chiselling out those cheekbones and the small side is for the precise application of highlighter along the tops of the cheeks. This brush is super duper soft and the bristles are dual fibred so they don’t pick up a large amount of product which is prefect especially when it comes to contouring. This brush retails for 9.99 euros.


The second brush that I’ve picked up is the ICING HD Foundation brush. This is a very small densely packed slanted kabuki brush which is perfect for applying foundation. Because of it’s small shape it does take a bit more work to spread the foundation but the end result is this flawless base of makeup. I will mention that this doesn’t apply makeup lightly, it is meant to be used when you want full coverage from your foundation as it is a dense brush. This brush retails for 6.99 euros.

I will quickly mention that I love the packaging of these brushes and that they also wash beautifully. If you guys have tried any of these brushes let me know which ones as will I probably add to my collection soon! Their so affordable 🙂

-Talk Soon xx




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