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Complexion Sponge Dupe

I was walking around a local shopping centre the other day when I came across a makeup brand called The Makeup Gallery. It had your usual stuff such as eyeshadows, mascaras, nail polishes, etc,. But what caught my attention was the sponges that they had on display. I think they had four different shapes but this one caught my eye the most because it looks exactly like the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge. I literally heard the word DUPE! in my head and immediately grabbed it. Cost me only 1.50 euros.


The main difference when the sponge is in the packet between it and the Real Techniques Sponge is the colour, this one is a nice soft pink whereas the RT one is orange. Personally the colour of sponges  doesn’t really make any difference to me, I only care about how it applies makeup.

It’s terrible…..okay that was a bit harsh, it’s not completely useless. I don’t like it for applying my foundation at ALL! It just soaks up the product and I end up with  no makeup on my face. I should mention that I did wet the sponge as per the instructions on the actual packet. I hen decide to try it out for simply blending product in, so I applied my foundation (with my ICING HD Foundation Brush) and then went over it with the sponge. It soaked up any residue makeup left on my skin which made my base look airbrushed, I totally love the sponge for this.


I also used it to blend in my concealer under my eyes and around my complexion and it did a brilliant job at that too. I would totally recommend this sponge for blending only. For actually makeup application me thinks you should stick to your RT Complexion Sponge/Beauty Blender or whatever it is that you use.

If you guys are interested in other good sponges from the drugstore than check out my No7 Flawless Finish Sponges post.

-Talk Soon xx

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