Primark Skincare….PS

Primark or Pennys as it’s know here in Ireland, is generally a great place for getting a bargain whether it’s for new shoes, a new dress or even jewellery. Recently with the expansion of their stores nationwide they have released a line of Makeup, Skincare and beauty products including fake nails. For today I’ll be focusing on the Skincare side of things. I recently picked up some of the packets that Primark sell for 1.50 euros. I got a packet of the Under Eye Patches and a packet of the sheet mask.


Because these are meant for the face, they’re called Face Treats which I think is really a nice, cute touch. Let’s start with the Eye Patches seeing as I featured them in my Relax and Chill Bathtime routine. You get 4 patches in the packet, that means you get two uses in one packet. They claim to reduce the appearance of dark circles however I honestly haven’t seen much difference in mine. I like these however because they’re very cooling against the skin and there’s not need to pop them into the fridge to achieve this effect.


The eye patches are like these cool white gel patches. They’re shaped like a tear-drop which makes them perfect for shaping them against your eye shape.  I use these around 3 times a week so I tend to buy 3 packets in a go just to have around.


The sheet masks however are a different story, I don’t really know how I feel about this product. While I loved the actual feeling of the mask on my face I felt like it didn’t really do anything. I didn’t feel like my skin was any softer, plumper or tighter….not even more hydrated which is what it’s supposed to do…supposedly :/ Don’t know if I’ll keep giving these a try to see if I can get a decent result from them or if I’ll just move on from them. To be honest I think it’s gonna be the lather.


I’m really interested in trying the makeup next from pennys/primark so let me know if you guys have any good recommendations for me to try from their range!

-Talk Soon xx

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