Lip Products

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

I feel like I’m writing a lot of lip product reviews these days but it seems that’s all I’m drawn to from brands these days (maybe I’m looking for an excuse ^_^ ).These lippies were released from Revlon awhile back ago but I only managed to pick them up now. Me being me, I picked up two shades. I got these from Boots for a 2 for 13 euros offer but originally, each one retails for 11.99 euros a piece.


The first shade I picked up is called 885Camilla. This is a classic nude shade, that has a satin finish when applied. I don’t like the packaging of these lip products. The bullet of the lipstick is slightly raised so I have to be paying extra close attention when I’m closing it as to not close the lid into the lipstick itself.

I do however love the smell of them!! They smell like vanilla but in a good subtle soft way that is nice when the product is directly under your nose.


The second shade I have is called 890Dahlia. Your classic Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl brick red colour. I love the formulation, it’s smooth, buttery and light on the lips. They don’t have the longest wear time (3 hours without food) but with such a sheer formulation it’s not surprising if I’m honest.

End result is that I like these lippies but I do think they’re better ones out there, even from the same brand, the Lip butters from Revlon (post coming soon) are way better. But for a light shade for the summer they’re good. See you in the next post guys!

-Talk Soon xx



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