Essence Trend Edition Blogger’s Beauty Secrets

Popping on here just to do a quick post about the releases from Essence Cosmetics for the month of June and July. It’s going to be another Trend Edition collection and in case any of you guys are interested I have written a review about their first Trend Edition collection, Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters, if anybody is interested in that (Available until the end of July so you can still get any products that catch your eye). For this Trend Edition collection, Essence teamed up with 4 beauty bloggers and asked them to design a palette of their choice and a nail polish colour to go with their palette too.

Palette 1: Touch Up To Go! One For All Palette

csm_758917759951_a9f093c0d5This palette contains 3 eyeshadows (Mauve, Brown and Nude), 2 Blushes (one is in a pink shade and the other a peach from the images that’s what I can see anyways. And a pampering balm that can be mixed with the blushes and eyeshadows to create that high end wet look on the lids and cheeks.


The nail polish released with this palette is called 01 Be happy + Smile and is a Semi-Matte finish.

csm_759946759951_bee34cc2c4Palette 2: Vintage Rose Eye Palette


This palette contains 5 eyeshadows in shades of Shimmering white, soft pink and warm brown tones. A eyeliner and a highlighter shade also.


The nail polish for this palette is called 02 Hello Beautiful and is a nice metallic finish in a rose-gold shade.


Palette 3: Shapes & Shadows Eye Contouring Palette


This is an all rounder palette for the eyes. It contains eyeshadow, eyebrow powder (that can also be used as eyeshadow), highlighter and Brow wax.


The nail polish from this palette is called 03 All Eyes on Me and has what Essence Cosmetics describe as a Matt-Rubber finish, not sure what kind of finish that is to be honest but it’s definitely peaked my interest!


Palette 4: The Glow Must Go On Bronzing & Highlighting Palette


This is a palette that contains 3 different bronzers, all of which can either be used separately as eyeshadow or swirled together to create a bronzy highlighter for the cheeks.


The nail polish from this collection is called 04 Shine Bright and is the only one with just a regular polish finish.


I have no clue how much each of the palettes or polishes are going to retail for but it being Essence I’m sure it’s not going to be that expensive. Iย personally have my eye out for the Glow all out highlighting palette and the Matt-Rubber Finish Nail Polish and if I manage to pick them up I will definitely do a review on them. All these products should be in stores at the start of June 2016.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All Images used in tis blog post have been sourced from the Esscence Cosmetics Website and hence remain property of Essence Cosmetics TM.


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