New Releases from Rimmel

I’ve been doing alot of reviews lately for Revlon Products and Maybelline products but Rimmel seems to be missed by me a-lot and I guess that’s down to the fact that they haven’t been releasing anything new other than that one release of the Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette. That said I did have a little nose around the Rimmel stand the last time I was in Boots and I have found some new gems that somehow escaped my eyes through previous visits haha! This is basically going to be a Rimmel haul and first impressions type of post so I hope you guys like.


First product I have is this liquid highlighter in the shade 001 Notting Hill Glow. Now I used a product similar to this on my wedding day mixed in with my foundation (Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation-Let me know if you want a review) and it gave me the most amazing luminous glow to my skin it was incredible. I tried the same thing with this product and I got the same result which is just prefect because this is half the price of the one I used (Sleek Highlighter in Monaco-Review Coming Soon). Even though I love the one I used, it’s nice to have a cheaper alternative sometimes.


Consistency wise it’s very thin almost like a moisturizer which makes it very light on the skin. It does contains shimmer particles but they are so fine that they don’t cause any discomfort or scratchy sensations against your skin when you have it on. Shade wise I picked up the pink toned shade as I’m rather pale and it would suit me best but there are two other shades available in the range. The shade up from this one is called 002 Piccadilly Glow and the darkest is 003 Soho Glow. This retails for 6.49 euros and contains 25 mls of product.

Staying on the highlighting theme, I saw that they’ve released an underbrow highlight pencil. Don’t know how I feel about this because it’s a fairly tiny pencil in size. I like the shade of highlight that it has but it is a jumbo pencil that needs to be sharpened and with it being so small to begin with I don’t think it’s the best value for money. Brow this way highlighting pencil in the shadeΒ Gold Shimmer retails for 5.49 euros.


I have to say this is my favorite item that they’ve released. These are the Rimmel Magnif’eyes and Rimmel has released 4 shades within this range. I own 2 from the range, the first is in the shade Dark Side of Blue. These eyeshadow pencils have one side a cream eyeshadow and the other a liner. For this shade the eyeshadow is this dark charcoal black with silver shimmer running through it.


The liner shade is this intensely pigmented electric water blue. I love the intensity of the two colors especially when they’re combined together on the eyes. The second shade that I own is in the shade Queen of A Bronzed Age and this is basically your nude eye look in one hand pen. The same system applies to this pen, the cream eyeshadow on one end and the liner on the other.


The cream eyeshadow shade is this warm bronze color that has a hint of gold undertones to it. The liner is the best thing ever for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes because it’s such an intense champagne that it brightens any eye makeup look up. There are 2 other shades available in this range, one is a great one for those of you who like smoky eyes (Back to Blacks) and the other is an even warmer version of Queen of the Bronzed Age (Kissed by a Rose Gold).


The last item that I put into my basket was the Rimmel 24hr Colour Precise Eyeliner in the shade Blue. Yes this is a blue eyeliner and yes it’s the same color as the outer packaging. I personally love it for creating an ombre flick on the eye. I use a black liner on the entire 3/4 of the eye and then use this just for the flick area. It’s a really subtle way to wear colored liners. This also looks incredible on its own as well.



For me all liners need to have a very thin applicator and this one did not disappoint. I think the applicator on this liner is perfect for all eye shapes and its so thin that I can get that inner corner without having to poke my eye out πŸ˜‰ . Love the color and love the product. Retails for 7.49 euros.


That’s it for my Rimmel haul guys Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and if I’ve missed any other new releases from them.

-Talk Soon xx




5 thoughts on “New Releases from Rimmel

    1. It seems to be a big trend this year in makeup! I really like the bright popping blues, so pretty on the eyes. I didn’t know NYX did coloured liners will have to check their stand next time I’m browsing xxx thank you for commenting 😊


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