Maybelline New York MasterInk

Finding hidden gems at the drugstore is not something that happens everyday and when it comes to glitter eyeliners it never happens because unless a glitter eyeliner is above 20 euros (like the Urban Decay Heavy Glitters-review coming soon) they will only apply with one or two glitter pieces and the rest is just clear sticky gel. Maybelline however have just hit the mark with me with their version of a glitter eyeliner. This is the Maybelline New York MasterInk in the shade 20 Black Gold and as the name suggests it’s a black liquid liner with intense gold glitter integrated in with it. 


Before I get to much into it I will mention that they have also released a regular glitter-free version of this for those of us not into glitter liners and they have also released a matte version of the same thing for those who don’t like the shine look to their liners. The packaging of this product is your traditional liquid liner packaging. I like that they made the lid handle nice and long as it helps with application. The actual applicator is a felt tip brush that comes to a very fine tip. Perfect for precise application.



Formulation wise this product doesn’t smudge, smear or transfer onto the lid area whatsoever. I wore this for 8 hours straight and I didn’t even need to reapply and there was no sign of flakiness that normally is associated with glitter liners.


The glitter in this product isn’t chunky, it’s rather fine so you don’t feel it on the lids whatsoever. It really does feel like you’ve got normal liner on. In my search for glitter liners I also found the Collection glitter liners and I will be doing a review on them soon enough. This retailed for 6.49 euros and I picked mine up from Boots

-Talk Soon xx

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