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Flower Power

Hey guys! Hope you’ve been enjoying the spring weather as much as I have. We’ve been having gorgeous sun these past few days and I’m soaking up every ray! I might be a little bit late on the bandwagon for this product but I bought it the other day and I have fallen head over heels for it. Yes I’m that crazy that I would marry a blush if it ever spoke and proposed to me haha 😛 . The blush that I’m talking about was released a while ago by Clinique. Clinique released 4 shades and these blushes have the adorable label name of ‘pop blushes. As far as I know they have also released eyeshadows that both look and feel similar to these.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this blush is. I mean look how detailed the actually flower is in the pot. I love how they used a clear packaging for this product because it means this amazing floral design is the centre of attention. Clinique as a brand are very hypoallergenic and this blush is no exception. The blush isn’t fragranced in any way and it has no harsh ingredients either.  The shade that I got is called 02 peach pop and it’s the perfect colour for the summer months.


The formulation of this blush is a cream to powder. This basically means is applies rather dewy on the skin like a cream but then sets as a fine powder. This doesn’t cake and the pigmentation that it gives off is just incredible. Honestly since I bought this blush I haven’t been wearing anything else what so ever. SAM_0674

The blush retailed for 20 euros and I’m kinda thinking of picking up another one I just don’t know which one. If you guys have tried any of them please let me know in the comments below as it might help me decide which shade to go for next. Take care guys xx

-Talk Soon xx

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