New Body Shop Release

This is just a post about the new Body shop releases. All these are going to be released today the 17th of May in all Body Shop Outlets.

The Body Shop Drops of Sun Holiday Glow Creator
12 pounds/15 euros

“The sun-tinted liquid gel is a dark brown and shimmer-free, to give a bronzed finish that’s always natural, never orange. It blends effortlessly with your moisturiser or foundation, making you stand out from the crowd with that natural, healthy looking, holiday glow.”


The Body Shop Instaglow CC Cream
14 pounds/18 euros
Available Shades:
-Bright Glow

“A blend of white pigments and purple pearls to neutralise sallowness and brighten, for light skins.

-Peachy Glow

“A coral pink tint with light reflecting pearls reduces dullness and recreates natural healthy radiance. Awakens tired looking complexion for light to medium skins”

-Warm Glow

“A rich brown tint with warm golden pearls counteracts ashiness, to reveal the radiance of dark skins. Warms up complexion for medium to dark skins”

Instaglow Range SPF 20_INVMEPJ001

-Talk Soon xx


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