Bioderma Launches HYDRABIO Range

The brand Bioderma was first introduced to me in the form of their very famous micellar water and since then I have been a big fan of their skincare ranges. They have recently brought out the Hydrabio Range which is meant to be used if your looking for a radiant complexion with exceptional hydration. I was lucky enough to be sent the Hydrabio Creme and the Hydrabio Gommage to review and would like to thank the company for sending these to me.


The Hydrabio Gommage is your traditional gentle exfoliating cleanser. I have to say this is a very unique product for me. They say to use this cleanser three times a week but I personally think because it’s so gentle it can be used daily without any harsh effects to the skin. I personally use mine as a second cleanser at night to remove residue makeup and if I haven’t had any makeup on that day then I use it as my night cleanser.


It’s very creamy in texture and the exfoliating scrub in it is very soft so if your into the really strong exfoliators then you won’t like this product at all. It comes out of the tube in a white thick creme and when you apply it to wet skin it lathers up into a milky scrub which is so hydrating for the skin.


Your get 75mls of product in a tube and this product retails for 12.50 euros which compared to high end cleanser that tend to come in at the 20 euro mark the price really isn’t that bad.


The second product I received is the Hydrabio Creme. I’ll be honest, I love love the packaging of this product! The jar is like this sturdy acrylic and the blue colour they choose really gives it a high end feel to it. The jar comes with a spatula which is used to dispense a small amount of product from the jar so you don’t pop your fingers in it which can cause bacterial growth.


Texture wise this is a very thick creme, and honestly I’m not a huge fan of it under make-up it just takes up too much time to be absorbed. I think this is because I have normal skin and the creme is for dehydrated/dry skin. I do like it for days when I’m not wearing any make-up because it makes my skin nice and soft and plump.


You get 50mls of product in a jar and the jar retails for 18.50 euros. There are of course other products in the range but these were the ones I was given to review. The other products include:

Hydrabio H2O 250ml 11.50 euros


Hydrabio Serum 40ml 22 euros

Image 49545

Hydrabio Gel-Creme 40ml 18.50 euros

Hydrabio Gel creme hd

Let me know if you guys have tried any of these products and what you thought of them. The Hydrabio Range is available in stores from the 4th of April (meaning their available now).

-Talk Soon xx

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