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Lipstick Swatches Alice Urban Decay Collection

Just to put it out there I didn’t buy every single shade but I did have the chance to have a look at every single shade up close and get a swatch of every single one! The ones that stood out to me the most where the shades Alice and Mad Hatter. In the end I went with Mad Hatter. I think I’ll pop a quick review of it here seeing as I just got the one shade.


The lipstick itself comes in the same kaleidoscope effect as the palette and the actual lid of it. It’s really pretty even though it’s just the outer box. I normally throw out the box but because this is so pretty I think I’ll keep the lipstick in it. Like I said the lid has the same cool design and inside you get the beauty that is the lipstick.



The shade Mad Hatter is this amazing vibrant metallized purple. It does have a sight silver shimmer running through it but nothing that looks like a disco ball when applied to the lips. Formulation wise the lipstick is very creamy and has a lovely smooth application to it. I should warn you guys, this shade does stain the lips a soft pink colour after it wears off. The stain does last a very very very long time, I recommend removing it with the most heavy duty makeup remover you guys own.


Overall all these lipsticks are a great purchase. They retail for 19.50 euros and are such a collectors item. Here are the swatches for the rest of the shades from the collection.

Mirana (The White Queen)


Iracbeth (The Red Queen)






I will be posting a review of the palette soon, I’m just in the process of photographing the swatches for each shade in the palette. Have you guys picked up anything for the collection? Let me know xx

-Talk Soon xx

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