Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters

Eyebrows are on trend ever since Cara Delevingne hit the fashion runway with her gorgeous thick brows. Since then every makeup brand has been battling it out with releases of brow products after brow products. I recently reviewed the Maybelline Brow Drama as Maybelline No1 brow product and now I’m moving onto new releases from Essence. This is the first time that essence have released brow products and to be honest their approach to the collection launch was impressive however after having a pick through everything I only gained interest in two of them. As always before I get into the review I’m just going to introduce the other products to you in case of any interest.

First up are 2 eyeshadow palettes and they also released an eyebrow brush to go with them. I didn’t particular find these any good because their a bit overly pigmented when really brow powders should be a bit sheer. Brush is Meh, I own better.

Shade 1 is 01 Little Miss Natural

01 Little miss natural
Image remains property of Essence TM

Shade 2 is 02 Santa, Baby!

02 Santa, Baby!
Image remains property of Essence TM

Plus the Brush

Image remains property of Essence TM

They also released a pair of tweezers that are ok….kinda…

Image remains property of Essence TM

The fanciest thing they brought out in this collection is this oil for enhancing and growing your brows thicker and fuller. I would really love to try this but I already have full brows so if any of you decide to give this ago please let me know how you get on with it and does it really grow the brows.

Image remains property of Essence TM



One of the better things that they did bring out and that I actually did buy is the Essence Little EyeBrow Monsters Eyebrow Pens. They brought out 3 shades of these and what I love about them is that they have a sponge tip applicator which surprising makes applying the product to the brows really easy. It also adds for a natural look. The shade I picked is in 03 Little Miss Dark and this retails for 3.10 euros.

01 Little miss naturall
01 Little Miss Natural- Image remains property of Essence TM
02 Little miss bold
02 Little Miss Bold-Image remains property of Essence TM

With eyebrow pens comes eyebrow gels. They’ve released 3, one clear and two of them tinted. Now as mentioned I do use the recently reviewed Maybelline Brow Drama and when I saw these I got excited until I opened the tester. The clear one is fine but I don’t need a clear eyebrow gel. But the tinted ones are so lumpy, and the brush is so loaded with product that I would be terrified to but it anywhere near my brows. I stayed away from these If I’m honest.

01 Hold'em in place
Image remains property of Essence TM
Bert Knows Better 02
01 Ernie Knows Best-Image remains property of Essence TM
Ernie Knows Best
02 Bert Knows Better-Image remains property of Essence TM

Last actual product are two browbone highlighting pens. I picked the lightest of the two and to be honest I love this more for actual highlighting, The shade is so bright and intense in that it would  be perfect for strobing. The shade I picked up is called 01 Lift’em Up In White and the other shade is called 02 Lift’em Up In Rosy but I found the second shade a bit to pink and warm for my skin tone.

02 Lift'em up in rosy
02 Lift’em Up In Rosy-Image remains property of Essence TM

Last thing in the collection is a packet of eyebrow stencils. This collection really is good for those beginning in makeup. I personally like the products that I picked up. If you guys try anything from the products that I didn’t get let me know how you get one with them.

Eyebrow Stencils
Image remains property of Essence TM

-Talk Soon xx

11 thoughts on “Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters

    1. And their so afforadable! Literally the most expensive product in the line is 4.19 euros. And their such good quality the ones that I have purchased. I use them everyday now! Thank you very much for liking it xx


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