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Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

I have to say that personally I love high end makeup, simply put it comes better packaged, more pigmented and has more product than drugstore makeup does. This is not to say I don’t like drugstore makeup, I do, it’s just that sometimes they just don’t meet the mark with me when it comes to quality. Sleek have managed to prove me wrong! I absolutely love this brand! I have an entire stack of their eyeshadow palettes and their liquid liners are some of my favourites. If you guys are interested in a complete collection post for my Sleek collection let me know but for today I’ll be reviewing their newly released highlighting palette called Solstice.


At first you may look at the box and think that this product isn’t really all that special but it is absolutely beautiful! The products in this palette are incased in this gorgeous gold reflective case that is actually extremely sturdy and not cheap plastic. The case itself does come with a mirror and a flimsy brush that I have yet to throw into the bin.



Their are four different highlights in this palette and each shade is designed for a specific are of the face. The first highlighter is a cream formulation and the other three come in powder form. I do recommend that you use a stippling brush with the cream and a synthetic highlighting brush for the other three.

SAM_0597The first shade which is called Ecliptic is the only cream highlight in the palette. This has a champagne pink tone to it and according to the palette is to be used to lift the brows by applying it to the brow-bone.


The second shade is called Hemisphere and this is an interesting highlight in that it’s lavender in colour. This is to be used as your traditional highlight across the tops of the cheekbones in order to define the face.


The third shade is called Subsolar and this highlight is very yellow toned in colour. This shade is for highlighting the bridge of the nose and the centre of the forehead in order to brighten the centre of the face. This technique tends to create dimension to face.


The last and final shade is called Equinox and this is a peachy highlight. It’s main and only purpose is to highlight the cupid’s bow on the lips. My favourite of the four has to be Ecliptic, because it’s a cream it tends to give of the highest highlighting intensity when applied but honestly each and everyone of them are beautiful upon application.


This palette retails for 13.49 euros which is a bit higher in price compared to your average drugstore palettes but to me it’s still relatively affordable. Have you guys ever used Sleek and if you have what’s your favourite product because I’m always looking to add more products to my collection.

-Talk Soon xx


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