Maybelline Brow Drama

Brows, Brows, Brows, everywhere you look today, the main focus within the beauty industry is brows (that is next to contouring) and so many brands have brought out their version of the ultimate brow product. I found most of them to be too much hassle if I’m honest. Most brands have sold their brow products in the form of powders, pomades and brow pencils but each is more time consuming than the other and I know that 75% of us just don’t have the time to be spending a full 25 minutes doing our brows each and everyday.


This is where this product comes in. This is the new Maybelline Brow Drama which is essentially, a brow mascara! It comes in what looks like a mascara tube, it opens up the same way a mascara tube does but the only difference is this product is meant to be used on the brows.


The thing I found most unique about the Maybelline brow drama (because they’re are other brands that do eyebrow mascaras as well; Eyeko, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit) is the actual wand. Its a bristle brush that has a ball shaped tip to it that makes it so helpful in getting every single eyebrow hair covered with the product. This product comes in 4 shades, TRANSPARENT, DARK BLONDE, MEDIUM BROWN and my shade DARK BROWN.


A word of caution to those of us who are thinking about trying this out, don’t be afraid of it. I know that when you first open it up it looks like there might be to much product on the brush and that it might be too dark. But trust me this applies very sheer, and it’s almost impossible to apply too much of it.

I believe this brow mascara retails at 7.49 euros and I personally got mine from Boots when they were having a 3 for 2 offer on the Maybelline makeup brand so you can grab it with a good deal.

-Talk Soon xx  

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