MAC Eye gloss in Pearl Varnish

So I have a new release from MAC. This is the MAC Studio Eye Gloss (limited edition) in the shade Pearl Varnish and it has just been released as part of the Future M-A-C 2016 Collection. In this collection the have released two varnishes one in Pearl and the other in Lightly Taupe. First let me explain what a Varnish is from MAC. It’s basically what makeup artists use on the eyelids of models when they want to get that wet/glossy look to the eyes. It’s very editorial makeup and is only really used for photoshoots as it doesn’t last long on the eyes and tends to crease.

SAM_0611I personally picked this up because I am a collector of makeup and don’t have anything like this in my collection. The product itself comes in the traditional black MAC Studio box. Of course you have to open this up and inside you get the good stuff that the actual Pearl Varnish. I bought the Pearl shade as I preferred the shade and I think it would suit my pale/fair complexion better.

SAM_0613The product itself is housed in a simple clear plastic jar with a black lid. Probably not the most glamourous packaging but it does the job well as the lid screws on tightly in order to minimize exposure to air. Also the actual jar is reinforced acrylic plastic so no danger of it breaking anytime soon.


Formulation wise this product is really sticky so I wouldn’t recommend it for those of you that have hooded eyes or sensitivity in the eye area. The glitter particles are also chunky but not in a bad way. You don’t feel them when their o your lid but they are big that they reflect the light as you move. So pretty!


This product retails for 21 euros and is currently available for purchase at all leading MAC retailers. I sound like a commercial ad for MAC lolz! Hope you enjoyed this review.

-Talk Soon xx

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