Gosh Single Eyeshadows

A lot of you may not know but I’m actually Irish and as an Irish Blogger, I do occasionally like to talk about Irish based brands and one of the most popular Irish brands here in Ireland is Gosh Cosmetics. Recently though it has become harder to find and so I thought I would do this post in case any of you do come across these products. As far as I know, Gosh Cosmetics isn’t available internationally but it can be purchased directly from their website if any of you are interested in picking up anything from this makeup brand.


For this post I’m going to be talking about their single eyeshadows. I currently own 2 shades and they retail for 3.99 euros a piece which is very inexpensive. The first shade I’m going to be talking about is 002 TURQUOISE  which is this beautiful soft ocean turquoise blue shade.


I would call this shade a satin finish because it does have an iridescence to it that give it a sort of three-dimensional look when it’s applied. I will fault the packaging as it is plastic and doesn’t really have any proper closing mechanism to it but for the price you can’t really expect much.


The second shade I own is 016 AUBERGINE. This is a deep almost black purple shade that has a matte finish. These shadows are indeed highly pigmented but they do have a major flaw. They cannot be layered more than once on the eyelid as they do have a tendency to bunch up and crumble when applied in high density (basically don’t pack these on). I mostly like these shadows for when your looking for a soft wash of colour on the eyelids but still want to have colour.

I do recommend that you do your base afterwards as these do have a lot of fall out but for the colour selection and price it’s worth it. I’m planning on checking out the Gosh eyebrow palette as one of my favourite make-up artists Lisa Eldridge has mentioned more than once that it’s one of her holy grail eyebrow products.

-Talk Soon xx



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