Benefit at Boots

I recently had a chance to go to what’s known as a bigger Boots than the one that I normally go to. I know that Boots stocks some great brands but I’ve never seen Benefit in my smaller Boots so when I saw it in this bigger Boots I got a tiny bit excited. Benefit for me as a brand, is super over priced. I hate how they price they’re products, 35 euros for a blush! I mean come on we’re no made of money! Anyways when I saw that you can pick up 4 deluxe sized products from the line for 20 euros I thought bargain.


For me deluxe sized products last a long time especially the Benefit products because most of them are liquids. Β The first product that I got is the Benefit bene-tint which is a rose-coloured lip and cheek stain. For me it was a great cheek product but a terrible lip product. On the cheeks it applies really sheer so it gives you this flushed glow to the cheeks that’s really natural and pretty. On lips it’s like you didn’t even apply anything.


I will say the applicator it comes with isn’t great. I personally used the brush it comes with to dab product onto my own brush in order to apply it. I tried using it with it’s own brush but I just ended up with streaks of product on my cheeks.


The second product I purchased is the Benefit posie-tint which is basically bene-tint but pink. Formulation wise this product is slightly thicker in consistency and it applies a bit heavier. Had I known this product was this pink! I wouldn’t have bought it cause I’m not a fan of pink anything.


This third product is one of my favourites, High Beam by Benefit, which is an amazing highlighter! I love how creamy and silky this applies onto the skin. It even applies lovely over powders. Colour wise it’s this gorgeous champagne pink shade, with a slight silver iridescent running through it. Has the same applicator as the posie-tint and the bene-tint but the brush can actually be used for application because it’s not as runny as the other products.


Last and final product is actually a duo. It’s a concealer pot that has Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in the shade 02 on one side and the Benefit Eye Bright on the other side. The concealer for me is a hinge to dark for my complexion however I do like it’s thick consistency upon application. The eye bright is brilliant, great for brightening up the under eye area and getting rid of those black bags that we constantly have.


Those are my four products guys! Some I liked some are ok. I hope this post has been an interesting read for you.

-Talk Soon xx

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