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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

Lip products are one of those things that can change how a person is feeling, their mood can go from being totally down to cheery in just a few seconds. Sometimes we even have a lucky lip color that can give us the coinfidence to conquer the world. There’s alot of power in a lip product and that’s why I always have my eye out for new releases. This new release comes from the Revlon line, which is a brand if I’m honest I always found grannish but these lippies seemed a lot more modern in both the packaging and the color range.


The first shade I picked up from the range is this traditional crimson red called 635 HD Passion. Like I said before the packaging is very modern and sleek looking in it’s appearance. I like that they used a frosted glass look for the tubing while still being able to see the lip colour through the tube. I wouldn’t call these matte however because they do have a slight sheen to them when applied but nothing majorly shiny. Demi-matte would be an appropriate term to use.


The second shade that I picked up is called 610 HD Addiction.Β This is more of your everyday mauve pink shade and I absolutely love this colour on the lips. These products come with a flattened doe-foot applicator meaning it’s flat on both sides of application. All in all I like these products….however I cannot and I mean I CANNOT stand they way they SMELL! They have this almost sickly sweet vanilla mixed with old granny scent that doesn’t go away after you’ve applied it onto the lips.


I’ll be honest I couldn’t wear this product for longer than half an hour, I just couldn’t stand the scent. I have played with it a bit and have noticed that it you apply a different lip product under it then the scent isn’t as bad but your left with your lips being different to the colour in the tube, which in my opinion defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place.


As much as I love the colour range, the packaging, the formulation, the application…I am calling it a dud product because it now sits in my makeup drawer unused…not impressed at all. Have you guys tried these and if you have, did you experience the scent?? Maybe I just got a bad batch..

-Talk Soon xx

13 thoughts on “Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

    1. It doesn’t fade until the lip product itself fades, if this was for any other part of the face but my lips I wouldn’t have a problem but the fact that the lips are under the nose makes the smell really really annoying.


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