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Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics

I have a love and hate relationship with the OCC company. I love their products, they have amazing colours, some that you can’t really find in other brands. I love their whole company branding being 100% vegan and cruelty free. I hate that they’re only available online and in Sephora…I mean come on, you can’t swatch things online! And Sephora really isn’t all that widely available…hence my love/hate relationship. Anyways enough rambling here’s a new collection that they’ve released and itsย products.

In Bloom Spring Summer 2016 Capsule Collection.
Back to my love hate, this collection is available only exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

Shade 1: Shoegazer

Shade 2: Alt Girl

Shade 3: Soy Latte

Shade 4: Whatever

Shade 5: Poseur

Shade 6: Kelly

Let me know how you guys feel about OCC, do you love it? hate it?

-Talk Soon xx


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