Urban Decay MasterClass

Hey guys 🙂 how are things? I’m super excited for this post because it’s something a bit different for my blog than reviews. Like I mentioned in my Urban Decay Summer 2016 New Releases post I was invited to a private viewing of the new releases from Urban Decay. There’s a lot to go through so I’m going to be doing a couple of posts in regards to it and my experience with everything. For this post I’m going to be going through everything that happened at the event. I will follow up with a review post of the items that I purchased I promise :).



The event itself started at 6.30 pm and it took place at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin, Ireland within the Debenhams department store. There were roughly around 9 people invited to the event and much like myself they were also makeup lovers and fans of the Urban Decay makeup line. The entire collection was laid out for us to see upon arrival on this lovely round table that was draped in a cloth with the Urban Decay iconic violet purple colour. We were also given a booklet describing all of the products and the actual look that the make-up artist is planning on doing on the model.


Also on the table were a few other products within the Urban Decay line that the makeup artist planned to use on the model. I will go thorough the entire makeup look that she did on the model in separate blog post to this and in that post I will include all the products that she used on her model. The look she created though is very similar to the look that was created for the poster advertisement of the collection itself.


The great thing about the event was that we got to see each and every product from the collection and also swatch them to feel the texture and formulation of everything. The makeup artist even passed around the extra products she used that weren’t part of the collection for us to look at and to be honest because of that I ended up purchasing the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in Deep End which I promise to review with the rest of my purchases.


From the collection itself I ended up purchasing the Naked Skin One and Done and the Afterglow highlighter in Aura. Everything else from the collection was nice but these were the products that really stood out for me. The bronzers within the collection (Sunkissed & Bronzed-Swatched) have this really buttery feel to them and the apply so smooth to the complexion but I found them a bit to warm for my skin tone.

Afterglow Sin

The other two highlighters where as beautiful as Aura. Highlighter number 1-Sin is your typical champagne highlighter that suits more warm skin tones and Highlighter number 2-Fireball  is a toned down version of the eyeshadow in the same name from Urban Decay which I already own so I didn’t feel the need to pick them up. I hated the pencils! No pigmentation to them whatsoever! Didn’t like them at all.

To top of the event we were given a small goodie-bag to go home with along with all of our cheeky purchases but to be honest this post is long enough as it is so I will go through that in another post. Hope this kind of post has interested you guys. I’m gonna post a picture of the finished look below for you to have a sneak peek.

-Talk Soon xx


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