Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb (Day)

Skincare is not something everyone really likes to invest in money wise and I totally get that cause these days with the 100 euros pots of creams and 70 euro cleansers it’s easy to go bankrupt when you do invest in skincare. Personally I love high end skincare but sometimes I feel like I just need something a little bit simpler on my skin than all those rich expensive ingredients that are in high end skincare. With the summer quickly approaching loads of brands on the highstreet are turning out new products and Garnier is one of those brands that is on fire with it’s recent skincare.


I picked two products from the range but I’ll be reviewing one in this post and the other in another post soon. For this post I’ll be focusing on the New Moisture Bomb Day Moisturiser. Love the packaging! Blue bottle is super cute and fun, really has a summer vibe to it overall. Love that it has a pump, the only thing is I can’t see how much is in the bottle so I will never no when I’ll be running out until I do. Other than that I love the packaging.


It’s a cream that’s targeted towards dehydrated skin and  claims to:

  • Rehydrates intensely 24hrs
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Anti-oxidant and UVA/UVB Protecter

From these claims I only really believe in two of them to be honest. The fact that it is extremely hydrating on the skin and that it is an Anti-oxidant. This cream does contain pomegranate which is a fruit known for it’s anti-oxidant properties. This also makes this cream smell amazing when applied. It does contain SPF 10 which in my opinion is not a high enough coverage for the sun but it is better than nothing. I do recommend using your SPF 30/50 sunscreen with this for proper protection.


I love the texture of this cream. It’s really soft and light on the skin. When applied it dissolves into the skin immediately and it gives the skin almost a dew look that’s not greasy at all. I will warn you guys that if you apply too much at the same time it does give a slight white cast to skin, so I recommend layering it on throughout the day if you feel you need a top up on the rehydration but for my skin once was enough for the entire day.


There is a night cream with this release but personally I prefer facial oils for the night so I didn’t pick it up but I will pop an image of it below in case you do go looking for it. I picked this up for 7.99 from Boots which was an introductory price. I think it normally retails for 12.99 euros which for a 50ml moisturiser isn’t a bad price.

Image remains property of Garnier TM

That’s everything guys, if you have any questions let me know I the comments below. I’ll be reviewing the Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar water soon which was the other product that I picked up with this moisturiser.

-Talk Soon xx

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