Urban Decay Summer 2016 New Releases

So this Thursday I have been invited to an Urban Decay private masterclass in order to view the Summer 2016 collection the same day it launches in stores. Can I just say that I am super excited and can’t wait until Thursday. Now I know myself that I will probably pick up a few of the new releases to try them out so I’ll probably review them when I get the chance but until then I thought I would contact Urban Decay to see if they would send my images of the collection and they did!

So this gives you guys a chance to see the entire collection to see which products you guys would like to pick up. I will be adding links to the products to the Urban Decay website just to make it easier in case anyone is interested in picking up anything but please note I do not make anything out of it. It’s just to benefit those who want things done faster. Now first product released is one I definitely have my eye on and that’s the Naked Skin One and Done.

Image remains property of Urban Decay TM

This is meant to be the new weightless foundation which is perfect for those hot summer months when nobody really wants to be wearing any heavy makeup on their skin. This product comes in 6 different shades though I don’t know how different each shade is in reality to say that they will suit different skin types but here are the image swatches.

Image remains property of Urban Decay TM

From the imagesΒ I can see that the lightest shade might even be to dark for me but I will of course try it anyway, I’m sure I can lighten it with a primer of some sort. This product is set to retail for 30 euros.
Purchase Link: Urban Decay Naked One and Done

Image remains property of Urban Decay TM

Next in the collection is a set of bronzers, one for lighter skin tones and on for darker. There’s not much to say about them at the moment cause I really have to see them upon application to determine whether they’re good or not. The light shade is called sunkissed and the darker on is called Bronzed. They retail for 25 euros.
Purchase Link: Urban Decay Bronzed Beach Bronzer

Image remains property of Urban Decay TM

This year the strobing trend is really been seen everywhere and makeup brands have also been drinking it upΒ and using it as an excuse to pop the new highlighters and Urban Decay is no different with the release of a brand new highlighter. This highlighter is called Afterglow and it comes in three different shades. Sin, cult classic eyeshadow which even the eye-shadow can be used as a hightlighter so I have high expections of this shade. The next shade is called Aura and this one is the one I have my eye on, it honestly looks beautiful in the pan. Last shade is called fireball and I actually have this eyeshadow shade. It’s really special because it’s dual-chrome and I would assume that they added the same element to the hightlighter. Product reatils for 23 euros
Purchase Link: Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Hightlighter

Last in the collection are two new inner corner and waterline pencils. The first is Heartless which is the light pink shade and this is great for the inner corner to really brighten a look. The second is called Walk of Shame and this is a basic nude that can be used to line the waterline to remove the tiredness from eyes. Both pencils retail for the same price and that’s 18 euros.
Purchase Link: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide Eye Pencil Heartless
Purchase Link: Urban Decay 24/7 Waterlin Eye Pencil Walk of Shame

And that’s the entire Urban Decay Summer 2016 makeup collection. I’m super excited for everything and I’ll probably do a post about Thursday if all goes well :).

-Talk Soon xx

9 thoughts on “Urban Decay Summer 2016 New Releases

    1. And it is! I was just at the master class and have picked up the naked skin and the highlighter in aura. Plus they gave me a bunch of other bits as samples. Will have a blog post soon! With a full makeup walkthrough of what they did with the models makeup using the new products

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