This Is More-Holos Serum

A couple of months ago I won a little giveaway on Twitter and the prize was a little gem from the brand Holos Skincare which is an organic and natural Irish skincare brand. The product that I won was their This Is More Face & Eye Serum and since getting it in my mail box I have been using every single day that I’ve been feeling any dryness in my skin because the main ingredient in this is Hyaluronic Acid which we all know is amazing for re-hydrating the skin.


I have to say everything about this product is spot on for me. I love the packaging, the smell of it (It smells so so good!) , the texture of it and the way it feels on my skin. I find it like a mask of cooling water when applied and my skin instantly feels plumper and looks more hydrated.


I should also point out that you really don’t need alot of this product to get it applied to the entire face. I’ve had this for roughly 6  months know and I’m only a third through it. It comes with a dropper tool as it’s applicator and I found two-three drops roughly it more than enough.


The serum is available to purchase from the Holos Skin website which I shall link below (not affiliated) and retails for 42 euros

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Holos Skin Website


Urban Decay Beached Eyeshadow Palette

There is nothing I love more than when summer time hits and Urban Decay release their summer collection. I don’t think their is a single year that has passed since I’ve gotten into makeup that I haven’t picked something up from their many releases. This years collection really incorporates the summer image of palm trees and sandy beaches as well as clear skies and warm days. This is also reflected in the product shades as well.

SAM_4621 From the collection I only picked up the star of the collection and that’s the Beached Eyeshadow Palette. This palette has eight beautiful shades which are a mixture of matte, satin and shimmer finishes. Out of the eight shades, six of them are completely wearable on an everyday basis so it’s definitely a great palette for travel and for creating nice neutral looks.

SAM_4624 I love the packaging of this palette too, it’s very different to any other palette in my collection. It has a very old-school tin pencil case vibe to it and it opens horizontally too. The lid of the palette flips completely open so it means you can you can keep it to the back of the palette if you want to use your own mirror but if not-it has a great big mirror that perfect for focusing on your eye area because of the shape of it.

SAM_4622 Both the pigmentation and formulation of this palette do not disappoint. I absolutely love the shimmers but they do have a bit of fallout so I do recommend doing your eyeshadow before your base. Damping your brush also stops this and intensives the pigmenation of the shadow too.

The palette is available in stores now and retails for 34 euros. I have added a link to it via the Debenhams website in the case you would like to pick it up for yourself.

-Talk Soon xx

Debenhams Website (Not Affiliated)


Ocean Bloom Seaweed & Stem Cell Moisturiser

Receiving organic skincare is probably one of the best things in the world in my book as it tends to re-assure me that what I’m putting on my skin is good for it. Recently I received the Ocean Bloom Seaweed & Stem Cell Moisturizer  and have been using it religiously ever since.


First off the moisturizer itself comes in a beautiful strong acrylic pot which is a bit heavy to travel with but at the same time is secure enough that it definitely won’t break in transit. Inside the acrylic pot you get 50 mls of product and the very first thing I can say about it is that it doesn’t have the most pleasant of scents. That said it is fragrance free so the scent is simply that of the ingredients in it.


My main issue with this moisturizer really comes from its texture. It’s very thick and heavy feeling on the skin. It’s not uncomfortable in any sense but you do feel it whenever you have it on. It doesn’t work under foundation because of it’s thickness so for days where I wanted to wear makeup I definitely had to choose a different moisturizer. I should also mention that you can’t use this moisturizer as a night one as it does contain an SPF of 25 which in Ireland means it is a great sunscreen for days when you’re good to go barefaced.


Though the texture of it is heavy and thick it did improve the appearance of the skin brilliantly. I found that any discoloration of my skin from old pimples or spots was gone within two weeks of using it. My skin also felt softer and definitely more plump. To be honest if the texture of this moisturizer was just a bit lighter I would never use anything else except it.


The moisturizer does retail for 35.50 euros and is available for purchase from the Ocean Bloom website which I have linked below.

-Talk Soon xx

Ocean Bloom Website


BeautyPro Black Peel Charcoal Mask

Charcoal has got to be the best ingredient ever when it comes to masks. It makes putting on a face mask that more enjoyable and not only that it’s detoxify and purifying properties are great for the skin. Now normally when it comes to charcoal masks I simply use my favourite which is the L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Face Masks but recently I was sent a sample of the BeautyPro Black Peel Charcoal Mask and I can say the minute I read the word Peel I knew I needed to try it out ASAP!


The mask itself comes in a 7ml sachet packet which I found gave me two full uses out of it so it’s a very generous amount. To apply it I use one of my silicone paddle brushes and I found this gave a nice thin layer all over though I’m sure applying it with your finger tips will work perfectly also. I left the mask on my skin for roughly 20 mins and as it dries it does tighten the skin slightly.

SAM_4638 Once it was completely dry-I simply peeled it off. Here was were I was a bit worried as I’ve heard that some peel-off masks are very painful but I can happily report that this wasn’t. It came off like a dream and removed every single blackhead and dry skin that I had (I tend to get them mostly around my nose area and this got rid of them all).  My skin felt so soft afterwards and it didn’t have that tight dry feeling to it that some masks can cause sometimes.


This mask is available to purchase from the BeautyBelle website which I have linked below and I believe it comes in a packet of three for roughly 5.55 euros (Bargain!)

-Talk Soon xx

Beauty Belle Website


Cailyn Bright On Eye Balm Primer

Cailyn Cosmetics is actually an Irish beauty brand and I was first introduced to their Bright On Eye Primer when I attended a beauty masterclass hosted by Diane Everett MUA. She used this as her eye primer on her model as it cancels out any discoloration and veins visible on the eyelid. It had such an amazing effect on the eyes when the eyeshadows where applied over it that I just had to try it for myself.


The primer itself comes in a small 24ml plastic pot and looks like a concealer to be honest. It has a very tacky texture to it when it is applied on the eyes but this is great when it comes to be used as a base for any shimmer eyeshadows, pigments or loose glitters. It can also be set with some translucent powder, making it a perfect base for any eyeshadows to be blended over it.


I’ve always been a loyal user of the Urban Decay Primer Potions but if I’m honest I personally think this is better for intensifying eyeshadow pigmentation and for increasing the longevity of any eye look when compared to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. It is also better value retailing at 18.50 euros whereas the Urban Decay one retails for 20 euros for a 15ml tube.

Let me know your recommendations for any new primer potions in the comments below as I always love trying new ones.

-Talk Soon xx

Concealers, Foundations, Highlighter

New Releases from L’oreal

It’s been about a month since I’ve last sat at a computer to write a blog post and can I just say it was a break that was very much needed. I managed to have a nice relaxed few weeks that didn’t have me constantly checking my social media or checking to see if my scheduled post went up on time. Now that those weeks are finished however I’m ready to get back into what I enjoy and that’s writing about makeup.


During my weeks off I picked up a lot of new releases especially from L’oreal Paris because they seem to be bringing out a new product every other week. I’m going to start off with the one product out of the releases that I picked that I liked. This is the L’oreal Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops in the shade 01 Sparkling Love.


This is a stunning liquid highlighter that looks like liquid gold on the skin. It has a dropper tool as it’s applicator and you get 15mls of product in the bottle. It’s so easy to apply and I found using a small damp sponge with it gives the best result finish wise on the skin.


I have a very much love/hate relationship with the Bonjour Nudista Awakening Skin Tint. This is marketed as a BB Cream however I find it more like a tinted moisturiser except it is so dry looking on the skin. I found the texture of it a bit like a gel and when applied on the skin it literally enhanced every pore & dry skin patch available. I didn’t like it at all.

That said, I did mix it with a serum/moisturiser/hydrating primer (only one of these at any one application) and it applied so beautifully. It really gave a gorgeous dewy finish to my skin that looked so perfect for the summer weather we’ve been having recently. See what I mean about the love/hate. I hate it on it’s own and love it mixed in with other products. I do however think that this product is not worth the purchase as I have other tinted products that give me a gorgeous dewy look to my skin without me having to mix them with anything.

SAM_4661 To go with the skin tint I decided to pick up the Infaillible 24H Concealer Pomade. This has been compared to the Nars Velvet Matte Concealer by a lot of my favourite bloggers and influencers. I HATE this concealer. It’s so thick and drying regardless of how you use it. I’ve tried it under the eyes-it creased. I’ve tried it on blemishes-it wiped off. Not only that it felt and looked very heavy on the skin-almost like it was sitting on top of it rather than look naturally sunk in.


Let me know if you’ve tried any new products (from any brand) recently that I just have to try so I can check them out.

-Talk Soon xx


Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer

The Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer is one that every blogger under the moon has raved about including Tati from GlamLifeGuru and Sinead from I personally have been trying it out for the past couple of weeks and to be honest have found it well deserving of the rave reviews it has gotten.


Considering it only retails for 3.99 euros it gives such amazing high coverage that doesn’t feel thick or heavy on the skin.  It has a gel-like formulation to it, that makes it feel really lightweight so it’s not a problem to use this under the eyes. In fact it works great at covering dark circles and blue veins with settling into fine lines.


It comes with a doe-foot applicator that is slightly longer than your typical doe-foot applicator which I really like as it allows you to apply the right amount of product in a single swipe motion. A tube of this concealer contains 5mls of product or 0.16 fluid ounces.


I’m currently using the shade 007 Natural Rose however I do feel like it is a touch too dark for me so next time I will definitely be re-purchasing it in a lighter shade. That said I do want to try some new concealers out once this is finished so please do leave me some recommendations of your favourites below.

-Talk Soon xx

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