BloomTown Roll-Oil Infused Oils

Fragrance really isn’t something I mention quite a lot on my blog simply because I think the type of scent a person choose for themselves is a very personal thing and no two people like the same fragrance. That said I have to do a blog post on these very unique fragrances that were sent to me from BloomTown UK to try out.


Now these fragrances aren’t your typical spray and go perfumes, no their actual oils which have been infused with a specific scent which I think is such a unique concept and more brands need to start upping the their game making products like these.


Each oil is named after the type of scent it embodies. The Woods has a love soft herbal and earthy scent to it that tends to remind me of long walks between the trees. The Hedgerow is the complete opposite being a stronger more intense scent of the garden with a sharp fruity note of blackberry. I personally love both and have been using them almost everyday as their quick potent and last a very long time on the skin especially if you apply them to your pulse points.


Because they have a roll-ball packaging it also makes them great for popping into your handbag or taking them in you travel case when going on holidays.

SOSO20 (2)

These aren’t the only scents you can get, they have quite a variety on their website which I shall of course link below along with a handy discount code (above) that gives you 20% off your purchase.

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Highlighter, Nail Polish

New in BarryM

BarryM Cosmetics has got to be one of the most price friendly brands in the drugstore. Their products don’t reach anything over 10 euros and most of the time they tend to have a three for two offer going on. For the summer they’ve really been launching some great products into their line and I’ve managed to pick of a few to show you guys.


First up is their new Flawless Hydro Fix Primer Water which, lets be honest, is a direct dupe for the Smashbox Primer Water. I have to say I’m a huge fan of this product. Your meant to use it in place of your typical primer but I personally use it in conjunction. I apply on my primer and then mist a light layer of this over it. It’s basically making your primer last longer so in turn your primer makes your makeup last longer.

SAM_3138The actual mister on the bottle is great too, it doesn’t splatter nor spritz. It disperses the primer water in a nice light mist evenly over the face. The only real thing I didn’t like about this product was it’s smell. It does have a slight chemically waif to it. Also if you use this to wet an eyeshadow it does work but you have to work super fast at blending because once the shadow sets ain’t nothing gonna make it move.


Liquid highlighters are probably my favourite thing ever to mix in with foundation for that dewy summer look. The Light Me Up! liquid highlighter from BarryM is a great one to use for that because it doesn’t have any chunky glitter in it. It’s very similar in consistence to the L’oreal True Match Liquid Highlighters that I still love and use.


Though it looks super dark in the bottle, it does come out more of a rose gold shade and when mixed with your foundation it gives you a nice sunkissed effect to your complexion. Again I only have one issue with this product and that’s that you don’t get a whole lot of it, and because I mix it with my foundation I know I’m going to be going through it super quick.


Ever since seeing swatches of this palette on Instagram I simply knew I needed it in my life. The Cosmic Lights palette comes with six beautiful shades of highlighter, four a cream formulation and two are powder. It also has a cute little mirror in the lid so extra brownie points for that.


Packaging wise it really isn’t the greatest. It comes in cardboard that feels like it’s gonna fall apart or rip at any second. That said the actual product is amazing. All of the cream formulations are nice and creamy to apply. They don’t have the highest intensity nor pigmentation but that’s to be expected as the idea of this palette is to layer the powder highlights over the creams. The powders are super soft too and they have great pigmentation which makes them a dream to blend.

BarryM wouldn’t be BarryM without a nail polish collection launch now would they. And they sure didn’t disappoint by releasing 5 new shades to add to their Molten Metals line. I picked up four of these shades but I won’t be saying anything about them here as I’m planning on doing a separate review for them with swatches of all of them on my actual nails so stay tuned.


Those are all the new products that I’ve picked up recently from BarryM though I’m sure those weren’t their only new launches. Let me know in comments if you’ve gotten anything new even if it’s not BarryM, it’ll give me an excuse to pop into Boots 🙂

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Clinique Johnathon Alder Collection

Seeing images online of this collection literally had me wishing for blistering summer heat, of course for the past 3 days we’ve had in Ireland (shocking I know) and I’ve barely survived it because it was just too hot! But I digress, this collection still remains stunning and it has captured the elements of summer perfectly all whilst teaming up with celebrity stylist and designer Johnathon Alder. This collection is limited edition and is available now on most Clinique counters.

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Pop Lip Colour + Primer
22 dollars/2 euros approx.
Available in three shades.

“Jewel-like lipsticks in bold, saturated colours look as pretty on your lips as they do on your vanity.”


Lid Pop
20 dollars/18 euros approx.
Available in 4 shades

“Four shades of silky, long-wearing eye shadow with designer details; an exclusive Johnathon Alder print hot stamped on the lid and pressed into the powder.”

Cheek Pop
27 dollars/24 euros
Available in two shades


Luxe Brush Collection
49 dollars/44 euros

“Designer Johnathon Alder reimagined four best-selling makeup brushes with hot pink bristles and clear Lucite handles. Zip them into a bright pouch in one of signature prints.”


Great Skin by Design
89.50 dollars/80 euros

“A cleansing experience as stylish as it is effective. Set includes a sonic brush and travel case in a signature Johnathon Alder print, plus foaming sonic facial soap.”


Limited Edition Chic Colour Kit
39 dollars/35 euros


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Artistry Event

Back at the start of June I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Artistry Press Event up in Dublin at the Morrissons Hotel. This event was a chance for us bloggers to get to know a bit more about the brand and also to be introduced to some new launching products from them. I am no stranger to the brand Artistry and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you would have seen multiple reviews on their products but I shall of course link them below for any new readers.



The event as I said took place in the Morrissons Hotel which is located on the Ormond Quay in Dublin City Centre. The event to be an outdoorsy BBQ style type of thing but living in Ireland we where blessed with rain on the day and so everything had to be moved indoors.

There were tons of amazing treats on the day including non-alcoholic mocktails, finger-food and ICE-CREAM! Yes they had an actual ice-cream cart with over 7 different flavours to choose from.


After a bit of mingling, we were taking into the demonstration room where the skincare expert from the brand took us through a step by step facial using some of the key products from the line like their cleansing, eye gel and moisturiser.


Then the model was given a full natural glam look by the makeup artist Nikki Baker who was amazing at showing use little tricks to achieve the quick look.


The day was overall incredible and now I’m even more excited about the products coming to the Artistry brand in the future. All of Artistry’s products can be purchased directly from Amway’s website.

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Makeup Tools

BrushWorks Multi-Tasking Sponge

After being hooked on The Makeup Gallery sponge for so long and then trying out the Basic Beauty Tools Superdry Sponge and finding it amazingly good, I’m officially on the biggest hunt ever to try every single brands sponge I can get my hands on. Recently I was kindly sent this Brushworks Multi-Tasking Sponge to try and test out and to be honest I think I have found another favourite.

SAM_3052When I first saw this sponge I automatically thought Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge dupe but this in all honesty is so much better. It expands more when it’s wet and is softer to use. The main thing I like about this sponge is that it’s got two different sized points to it. The smaller side I found great for applying my concealer and the bigger I simply use to apply my foundation. The rounded edges of it is amazing for any buffing out you may want to do.

Probably my most favourite thing about this sponge is that it’s great for buffing out any cream highlighters over powders/foundations, lessen the chances of it becoming cakey. Brushworks sponges are available to purchase from Tesco’s and sometimes I can find them in TKMaxx Stores.

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Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

🛫 Urban Veda Radiance Travel Set 🛬

I’m going to refer you guys back to my Urban Veda Launch Event blog post as this post is about the lovely travel set that I received in my goodie bag. The travel set has three 50ml bottles of Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Lotion and they come in a beautiful canvas bag. I think the bag is a nice touch as once your finished with the products you can definitely use it to store other products or like me jewellery. The set that I got is from the Radiance line but you can get the same travel set in the other three ranges as well depending on what scent you prefer and what you think is good for your skin.


Though the bottles look small you do get a good sized amount of product in them. I also found that you really don’t need a lot of it to get the desired effect with each of them. The body wash, I personally only use a pea sized amount. The same goes for the scrub but I use 2 pea sizes, one for each leg (I only use body scrubs on my legs). The body lotion is probably the one that will be used up the fastest.


With regards to the body wash I found it to lather amazingly. The scent of all these bottles is amazing. The key ingredient in the Radiance line from Urban Veda is Turmeric and true to the name this makes the skin brighter and more radiant after use.


The body scrub is probably my favourite item from this set. It has almost a gel like texture to it which makes it very moisturising in my opinion. The actual scrubby pieces aren’t harsh but at the same time they do exfoliate.


The body lotion is probably my least favourite and t’s not because I think it’s not good. It is. The texture is nice and light and I found it to absorb super quick into the skin. My only issue is that it’s scent lingers longer than I would like. The range smells amazing don’t get me wrong it’s just when it comes to body lotion I like the scent of to only be there while I’m applying it and then for it to dissipate. This one doesn’t and I found it to mix in with my perfume which isn’t very pleasant.

The Urban Veda range is available to purchase from all Shaws Department stores here in Ireland and for International readers you guys can get it via their website.

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🍭 🍬 PS…Eye Candy 🍭 🍬

Primark/Pennys have done it again, they’ve hit the nail on the head with the amazing new release of their Eye Candy collection which is available in all stores now. I was planning on doing a simple overview post on the collection but when I saw the actual products instores I couldn’t not pick up a few of the pieces to try out.



The star of the collection has got to be the nine pan eyeshadow palette. Upon initial glance at the palette you would immediately compare the packaging to the BHCosmetics ShaaanXO Palette or to Kylie Cosmetics. Personally I thin Primark/Pennys could have afforded to pop a mirror into it but overall I like the bright bubblegum pink that they used as the colour for the scheme of the collection.


Like I said this palette comes with nine eyeshadows, six are matte and three are shimmers. The mattes are super soft and smooth and blend out perfectly. I will say the shimmers are more pigmented and pack more of a punch on the eyes when applied.



The palette is very cool toned when it comes to the shades of the actual shadows. Colour range wise it has one base lid shade ad 3 really good shades for using as transitional colours. The shimmers are amazing for packing onto the lid. You don’t even need to use all of the colours as a single shade looks beautiful all on it’s own.


As part of this collection they also released three pigments. I have to admit I don’t like these as much as I like the palette. The colours are absolutely beautiful and they swatch gorgeously on the back of my hand. My only issue is that when I go to blend this pigment out after packing it on, the shimmer tends to disappear and it’s really the shimmer that makes this pigment unique.


The pigment retails for 2.50 euros and the palette for 6 euros so their both bargains. The collection also has three new shades of matte lippies and a face kit.

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